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Connecting with nature

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Connecting with nature has been a crucial part of this past year for many. Lockdown gave many of us pause and time to appreciate the beauty and strength of nature. We did this both in solitude and walking alongside others - familiar paths for walks with family and friends, tangled trees to climb and soft grass for picnics. Lockdown has created so many challenges and struggles, yet it has also provided a rare opportunity for new beginnings to emerge. This past year, I feel I’ve reconnected with nature, with old friends and even with myself. And as the veil lifts, may those connections become even stronger!

The paintings that will be featured in my Summer 2021 Art Exhibition celebrate the optimism of rebirth and rejuvenation and I hope they uplift and provide a sense of joy. Out of crisis, the unwavering strength of nature and community have the power to transform difficult times into opportunities to connect and thrive. And we’ve seen this in our communities across the world in a powerful way.

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