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The world is filled with so much to celebrate and so much vitality, even amidst its fragility.

I am inspired by the rhythms and energy of the places I have travelled - or long to travel - as well as people I have met who have the gift to inspire happiness, optimism, and hope. I have visited more than 50 countries and lived in 15 of them, searching to fulfil my desire to know cultures and know people. With the use of bright colours and fluid strokes, I aim to create uplifting art that is songful and strong and conveys a feeling of positivity and calm.


My preferred medium is oil on canvas, yet I often experiment with pastels, watercolors, acrylics too. I am a self-taught artist and started painting when I was young when I lived in the US, developing art foundations in my early studies, and again through study and coursework in more recent years.


In reactivating my painting passion later in life, art has provided a personal rejuvenation and a new source of joy. My hope is that my art brings joy to others and that it offers others a moment take a pause from the chaos and pressures of life, and revel in the moment. 

My work is sold at fairs, online and direct to collectors via word of mouth.


I studied Economics at Northwestern University in the US and have an MBA from the University of Oxford in the UK. I also studied in Prague and Florence and now live in London with my husband and two daughters.  


London artist painting


As the world was rocked like never before this past year, it created pause for reflecting on how these events have shaped us individually and collectively. Whilst the global pandemic was extremely difficult for many, we also saw positive outcomes and an opportunity to see the world take pause and slow down. For me it was also an opportunity to check in on my own values and how they align to the way I live, to open the door for fresh thinking and to take a renewed look at who I want to be and how I want to live my life.


Pausing for breath gave me the revived energy to want to learn more and challenge myself, to work on becoming kinder and more accountable, and reinforce a belief in myself (All things I am still working on daily!).

This past year has for me has been about new beginnings, one of which was revisiting a dormant passion - painting! - and I have now committed myself and my time to pursuing this passion. It has been quite a journey and I am feeling hopeful and energised on this new path and excited about where it will take me.

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